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Certificate Authority's often issue Intermediate certificates that are used to sign and create new certificates.

All certificates along the chain of issued/signed certificates are important to keep secure and make sure they are using the latest ciphers.

This error indicates a certificates in the chain is still using a SHA1 hashing cipher. In 2017, Google announced that they had [found a collision in SHA1( Which means these hash functions are no longer seen as secure.

While SHA1 is not as totally broken and open to preimage as MD5 is now; this does mean given enough time and progression of computing power attacks could later derive the SHA1 certificates from the signature itself.

To sum up this issue:

If an intermediate or end certificate has a weak signature, then it is possible that an attacker can generate two certificates with the same signature with different encoded information (e.g. and The attacker can then ask a certificate authority to sign one of the certificate ( then copied the signature to the other certificate (

The problem with SHA1 is that it has flaws that renders it feasible for an attacker with sufficient resource to find such collisions.

How do I fix this ?

Look into issueing certificates from CA's using SHA256 (at a minimum) to hash their signatures. Many CA's offer both for compatability reasons.


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