Multiple document <title> tags were found on the page

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HTML5 documents may only have a single title. We don't think having two titles will necessarily impact you too negatively. It is just wrong. It may also be that search engines think you are spamming keywords.

    <title>Main Keyword - Second Keyword | The site's brand</title>
    <!-- Remove the rest -->
    <title>Another title that should not be | The site's brand</title>
    <title>This one should also be gone | The site's brand</title>

How do I fix this ?

You will have to remove all but one of the <title></title> tags. Generally if you have more than one title it is probably a symptom of a larger problem. These things tend to be generated and so it stands to reason that they are generated incorrectly. You will have to find out why and hopefully fixing this saves you somewhere else too.


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