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Sitemaps (although not that widely used anymore but still a valid standard) allow site owners to give search engines lists of URLs that might be hard to find while doing a normal crawl of the website.

These sitemaps must be an XML file on the root of the site, namely /sitemap.xml. Common mistakes around these files involve websites that do not have these files added and return either a full page or content other than XML.

These urls are expected to return either application/xml or text/xml, anything else indicates that the server is not handling the request correct and/or the file is simply not present and the server is falling back to a full page load. This leads to wasted server time, although minimal.

How do I fix this ?

Ensure that the sitemap listed at /sitemap.xml that is returning a 200, is either defined or updated to return a code other than 200 to show that the file is not present.

The request is expected to be returned as either application/xml or text/xml.


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