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HTTP/2 is a important step forward for HTTP. The new version of the protocol focuses on retaining backward compatibility while increasing performance. Thanks to providers like CloudFlare and support from most of the big browsers like Chrome / Safari / IE / Opera (Can I Use), HTTP/2 has become widespread and a large section of the internet is using it already.

With the large usage in mind, HTTP/2 can start improving performance immediately. This does not mean that website owners/developers should start dropping support for HTTP/1.1 but rather strike a balance between the two protocols. While HTTP/2 is the next version of HTTP, HTTP/1 will still be around for a long time.

The new version does change commonly regarded best practices of web development from HTTP/1.1, such as:

  • Domain Sharding is no longer recommended as all files can be downloaded faster over the single connection to your server and at the same time.
  • Inline Assets to save performance is no longer a big concern.
  • Concatenating files could actually diminish performance.

Numerous demos have been posted online showcasing the speed:

How do I fix this ?

HTTP/2 support can be achieved in a few ways, depending on your hosting setup:

  • Put your website behind a service like CloudFlare which will enable the new protocol without having to touch servers of any kind. Great option for websites making use of Shared Hosting.
  • Upgrade to a newer version of your web server, most web servers like NGINX now support HTTP/2 out of the box


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