Missing cache headers on third party asset

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Caching allows the user's browser to keep a local copy of a resource for fast loading without downloading the entire resource from the server every time.

This issue refers to a external resource that does not have caching headers defined which makes caching on the users' browser unpredictable.

How do I fix this ?

We advise contacting the remote vendor and showing them the information as to the benifits that will be gained by having complete control of how long a resource is cached at passmarked.com/performance/network/missing-cache-headers-on-local-asset which will also guide as to how this can be enabled.

Popular CDN's

Using a popular CDN is a great way to improve your chance that a user will already have the resource cached as they might have seen it before on another site.

Well known CDN's include:

These targets have proper caching headers set and ready for us.


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