Our entire suite of rules



The Library is a collection of all our rules, related information and instructions on how to improve your site by adhering to them.

All the Passmarked rules are grouped in "categories" which in turn have "tests". For example, the category "Security" has a test called "SSL" which has many rules to check for possible SSL issues.

All our rules and their content are open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. This library is a work in progress and will always be. The Internet changes and so does its practices. If you find anything in here that is incomplete, incorrect or just not excellent, please consider updating it and sending us a pull request so everyone may benefit. Each listed test in our library contains a link to its relevant repositories - the actual code for the test and the content for the rules.

We also run a Slack channel where you may discuss content with us. We're happy to discuss and talk about any possible improvements. Join our community for an invite to the channel.