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Test your pages/sites

Passmarked tests how well your websites work. Its tests are based on the most up to date web standards and best practices contributed by the global coding and web standards communities.

  • Run a free one page test or sign up for full website monitoring: When you run a Passmarked test you instantly receive a report card that tells you how well your page or site is working.
  • Your pages get scored: The Passmarked report card provides scores for your tested web pages. This includes an overall score, as well as scores across four specific test categories: Security, Performance, Compatibility and Content/SEO. You can either run a free one page test or a full website test for all your web pages.
  • See what to fix: Your Passmarked report will indicate how to fix each of the identified errors. Each report links to reference articles on how to fix specific website errors. It is all housed in our vast Passmarked knowledge base that you can freely explore and contribute to.
  • Track progress: Your tested sites will remain on your Passmarked dashboard, and once you’ve fixed your errors you can retest those sites and see how you’ve improved over time.
  • Share your results: Now you can prove your website’s quality by sharing the results of your tests with the people that matter. Passmarked report cards are sharable straight out of the dashboard.

A Passmarked test tells you how well your site scored based on these four criteria:


See the exact size, browser rendering speed and major HTML health issues of your page or site.


Find out how well your site adapts to different devices, and what CSS, HTML and Javascript issues may be plaguing your site.


Get an instant overview of how well your site performs in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), spelling and grammar, and the effective use of social links and other hyperlinks.


Instantly receive specific warnings about issues relating to HTTP configuration, SSL certification or malware that may jeopardise the security of your site.

Fix issues with an extensive knowledge base

A Passmarked test report not only tells you about all the issues with your page or site, it also provides you with helpful tips and links so that you can fix those errors in no time.

Everything you need to know about fixing website errors using the latest web standards and best practices is indexed in Passmarked’s extensive Knowledge Base - a large dedicated Wiki-style library on website issues and fixes, for the community, by the community. It’s the not-so-secret weapon in our crusade to fix the internet, one broken website at a time.

Quick links to the knowledge base:

Monitor continuously for any new issues

If you are taking care of just one or two small websites that don’t need to be checked around the clock, it should be easy enough to monitor it manually with Passmarked’s free one page test.

If however you are taking care of many or large sites that would benefit from continual monitoring and automatic issue alerts, you can check out a range of Passmarked packages to find the one that is right for you. We have tailored packages for small, medium-sized and large jobs, as well as special deals for professional web developers and enterprise.

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